Thursday, January 23, 2014

Disable the comment box in your life

One thing you'll notice about me, is, I love to reflect on the lessons I've learned and apply them to my daily life. Example: Online dating is not for me so I will not be doing that ever again!! (That's for my next post).

Lately, I've been paying attention to Social Media sites. No, I'm not going to become a compulsive instagrammer! I've been working on material for the radio show recordings, I now have to pay attention to what's trending and share my opinion with our listeners, if they like it or not :)

Social Media sites are interesting and the one part of it that's caught my attention, is the comment section. People get to share their comments on pictures, videos, status update etc. 
You know what I realized? Its impossible for everyone to like you.
I know you've heard people say this. Hell, I say it. But the comments in the comment section really taught me that lesson.

I was looking at some blog and it had pictures of celebrities with their families, new hairstyles, new cars and anything else you could think of. So I clicked on a picture of Beyonce and her baby, I thought the picture was cute (I'm not a fan but I can appreciate a mother daughter bonding moment). So I scrolled down to read a few comments and  after  a couple "Awww, cute!" comments, I started seeing "Uhh, what happened to her baby's hair," "She's not a good singer," "Blue Ivy looks like her damn daddy," "Illuminati!!!" 
I was taken aback for a second, I mean, is it that serious? Enjoy the picture and keep it moving. So, I went on to check out other pictures and it was the same thing, Comments that appreciate the person in the picture and then comments criticizing the mess out of the person that's being showcased at the moment.

Then the statement, "Not everyone is going to like you," came to mind. And it made sense. Wouldn't it be liberating to just do what you want (as long as it makes sense) without having to worry about peoples opinion of you. I am sure if you put out the name of someone you think is the definition of perfection, there will be someone who will find fault in what they've done or what they look like. 

Its time to disable the comment box in your life. Live your life, follow your dreams... Be you. And if people try to talk down on you, don't let those words resonate in your life. Remember, you have no comment section in your life for "haters" (For the record I hate saying haters! But it seemed appropriate for this message). You're not responsible for making anyone happy. You are responsible for making sure your existence on this earth is a pleasant... so get to it. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year... Old struggles?

I'm sitting in my hotel room watching NCIS reruns, eating horrible Chinese, searching for information on google to complete my report, and trying to convince myself to workout.

Its 2014 and I refused to make the same old resolutions - lose weight, eat better, work harder, travel all over the world, make millions, be the next top video vixen... You get my point :)

So here's my plan, make a list of all the resolutions that fell by the wayside in the last three years, and tackle each one at a time.

Here are the 10 issues I plan on resolving this year, If I don't get all them done by the end of 2014, there's always 2015 :) 
1. Start a healthy lifestyle
2. Build up my savings account
3. Release one of my movies
4. Start the Jade D. pod cast series
5. Be a better blogger
6. Get a place outside of Minnesota
7. Travel for fun
8. Go back to school for another round of torture
9. Be more disciplined
10. Be Fearless

If I can finish up items 1 through 8 then I'd be able to check 9 and 10 off my list immediately. 

In this entry, I will layout my plans for Issue number 1 - Start a healthy lifestyle.
I know what I have to do - workout, eat well, get some sleep, drink tons of water- but I don't do it. So for the next 21 days, I am going to challenge myself to do something I've never done....

I'm going to do a water fast!  

Every time I've tried fasting, I get really crabby and hungry. Then I yell at everyone around me and then eat tons of candy and donuts - within the first 3 hours. Epic fail!

Reasons for wanting to do the fast: I do believe the fast will help me cleanse my body and perhaps act like a way of reseting my body. After fasting for a set period of time, I'd like to believe I'd think twice before eating greasy nasty food. I want to give it a try..  If I can't do it then I can scratch it off my list. no biggie.

Well, I am done with blogging for the day. Since I'm starting my fast tomorrow, I am going to get some skittles, drink a milkshake and finish up my chicken fried rice :) I'm kidding.. 
What am I? a child?! I need some wine to go with my skittles and fried rice!