Monday, November 15, 2010

Road trip!

Guess who just worked out for an hour? Yeeeah, thats right... I did!
Man, I am so out of shape. I started huffing and puffing after 5 mins so I had to space out the workout. Yes, it took me an hour to do a 35 minute workout. Sadness!! Atleast I worked out, yes?
Why the obsession with working out? Well, my birthday's coming up (its tomorrow, feel free to send me gifts.. I have no amount limit)

Alright, focus time! Since my last post, I went out of town with some friends, worked on a couple screen plays, had tons of e- meetings with old colleagues and potential clients, and topped it off with a whole lotta assignments. Tonight, I'll talk about the trip, I'm sure you'd like to hear about Gram positive bacteria and hyperemesis gravidarum (oooooooh, look at that... I sound smart!) but I'll save that for another day.

The trip....
So my friend met this dude online (on some free online dating site. I am not a big fan of these FREE online dating sites. Nowadays, people meet online, I don't think there's anything wrong with. Just be safe!) and after a few months of chatting online and phone conversations, they decided to introduce their cyber relationship to the real world.

At first, the guy- let's call him Ray- offered to visit my friend- we'll call her Lisa- and later cancelled the trip due to unforeseen circumstances?? he never really said why he couldn't make it.
After a while of waiting, Lisa decided that she would have to go down to see him, so she asked a friend (we'll call her Becky) and myself to go along on this interesting trip.
The roadtrip was great but as we approached our final destination, Lisa got a call from Ray about the hotel reservations, he wanted to know if he could switch it over to her name (he offered to pay for our hotel room and we were okay with that) and use her credit card down but he'd switch the cards and pay for the room later. Lisa gleefully agreed while Becky and I exchanged looks.

When we checked into the hotel (horrible place, I might add!) we found out that Ray had some stuff to do for his event (he's a club promoter) so he'd have to meet us downtown and in a couple hours. We had no problem with it, figured it'd give us more time to check out the lovely town, get something to eat, and do some shopping.
4 hours later, still no word from the guy. Becky and I were ready to go back to the hotel but Lisa wanted to wait for her "knight crappy amour," sooooo, we waited. An hour later he showed up...

Oh, wow look at the time, I need to get some work done. Gotta run now but I'll finish the story later.