Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guess who's back?

I graduated!!! Yaaaaay!

Okay enough of that. I am sorry I have been away but things got so crazy the last 3 weeks of school, I couldn't even make time to sleep or eat- so I ended up with a bad case of vertigo.

You should've seen me, I walked around like a drunk holding on to the walls, or any standing structure, for dear life. I couldn't stand up straight for more than 3 seconds. It was crazy and so frustrating. Worst part, I couldn't go to the hospital- I had no insurance.

So I decided to go for the homemade remedies, my friend's mum gave me a very nice concoction named, Agbo Jedi. Oh my goodness! It was so bitter and the smell was horrendous. I don't how I managed to do it but I believe I channeled my freshman year in college and "downed" the drink like a true champion. And ended up screaming like a true punk lol

A few days later, I felt a little better. Took some Dramamine and before graduation, I was back to my old self.  Moral of the story, I need to take better care of myself or else I might have to take another dose of Agbo Jedi.

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